Lockdown Life - What I have been up to? & What Have I learned?

So, March 23rd had arrived, and Boris had announced that we are in a lockdown...

For me, I saw it as a MASSIVE opportunity.

I was able to do A LOT of things that I thought I would never get done.

For example, I was able to do the following:

Work on Myself:

I never even knew that Work on Myself even existed till I met my High-Performance Coach, Tim Cooper.

This was such an important factor that I was not fulfilling in my life. Since we have been in the lockdown, I have taken time out of my normal workday to work on myself. Check-in with myself, ask myself how I am doing, and do some journaling.

Journaling is such an AMAZING thing to do. I learned how to journal so efficiently. There are many ways of journaling however the approach I love is asking myself questions compared to noting my day on paper. I use a specific journal called “High-Performance Planner” by Brendon Burchard.

I have been reading some really really, good, informative books, that talk about personal development, I highly recommend the following to read:

  • The Art of Unlearning By Tim Cooper – I have read about 2 times, and what this man has been through is bloody unbelievable.

  • Awaken The Giant Within By Tony Robbins – Started to Read, and has been so powerful

  • Can’t hurt me By David Goggin – Such an inspirational & powerful audiobook

I also was in an Academy Monthly, which was Zoom Call meetings where my coach, Tim, would coach around 40 people for 45 Minutes (which always went over) everyday Monday – Friday.

Working on Ways to Grow My Business

Now, this was something that would always be in my backlog.

Let me tell you why…

I was always busy and had no time and energy to do this task.

Now since being in lockdown, I have managed to seek further ways into growing my business and looking at ways I can work with my competitors.

YES! – Work with my competitors.

Since speaking to someone in a similar trade like me. I have learned that it just not me who going through the same issues when trying to grow my business.

Working with your competitors may seem unusual but YOU CAN MAKE IT WORK!

Getting those Nitty Gritty Task Completed

Now we all have those tasks that we all HATE! I saw this lockdown the opportunity to get those backlogs of tasks completed.

For example, filing. I HATED THIS!!! It was a painful task. Let me tell you how I managed to get it completed.

My coach, Tim, taught me something called a “50 Minute Block”. What this means is that in 50 Minute, you focus on that one task and must not get distracted and just FOCUS on what I am doing! – This has allowed me to focus more and not to get distracted.

What I have learned since being in Lockdown?

Now, since the lockdown has happened, I have learned to do the following:

  • Schedule everything in – it is great to do this, as you know what you are doing at what time.

  • Make sure I stay on top of everything

  • Stay positive

  • Always be grateful

  • Use my time so efficiently.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you would like more information!

I am reachable mainly on my email: – and let's talk, and help each other!!

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